We all know that swimming is a brilliant way for someone to exercise and that it is a great way to burn calories. You can reap the same rewards as running or other aerobic exercises, however, most people do not realise to what extent swimming can help. In comparison, a ten minute swimming session using butterfly stroke is the equivalent to 150 calories while running a ten minute mile would burn 100 calories. With a variety of different types of strokes, it is perfect for any age and ability to accomplish. Depending on the swimming stroke you choose to do, there are different targeted muscles, while the water provides a gentle resistance. Therefore due to this resistance, regardless of which stroke you end up doing, your body is still using its muscles to initially move itself through the water.

Increase your heart rate with lower risk

When you are swimming, the main benefit you will notice is that it works your whole body. With every stroke you do your heart rate is increased while at the same time your body is not experiencing the same impact which your joints would be if you were running or doing weights, so less stress. If you go swimming regularly, you will soon find that your muscles tone and your strength increases. As you continue to go swimming your bodies endurance levels will improve and therefore making it easier the more often you participate in this activity.

Healthy lungs and happy heart

As you are swimming and your muscles are getting the workout they need, the exercise is also working your insides as well. You cardiovascular system is working it hardest, improving your health and lungs long term. It is also advised that individuals who suffer from asthma should take up swimming, the humidity of the atmosphere of indoor swimming pools help with breathing. Also swimming as an exercise, is one of the most beneficial as the different breathing techniques used, for example, holding your breath assist with lung capacity and controlling breathing.

Have your own pool?

Clean the Pool

If you have your own swimming pool, you should clean it pool at least once a week to make sure your water stays clean and clear. Use a long-handled skimmer to catch any leaves or debris that may have piled up on the surface of the pool. Regular cleaning is essential to prevent the debris from sinking to the bottom of your pool, as this can cause stains and make it harder to remove. An alternative is to use a professional spa & pool cleaning company.


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